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The corners of his mouth a fraction.

Overstepped the line. She pressed her lips together in an attempt to prevent anything else slipping out, when all the while she wanted to scream at them both. Sol half turned toward Louden, his body language making his allegiances quite clear. Ingrid was on her own. Special Agent Mulroony's performance has no bearing on your work at the emby, Louden said, barely masking her irritation. I suggest you drop the subject. And concentrate on your current ignment. I want an update on your meeting at the escort agency before six this evening. That's all for the time being. That was it: she'd been officially dismissed. Ingrid got to her feet and waited for Sol to do the same. You go right ahead. We'll catch up later, Sol said, suddenly unable to make eye contact. As Ingrid closed the door and stood in the empty hallway outside, she felt suddenly like some sort of rogue agent, out on a limb, in the cold. Unable to even count on Sol to be in her corner. Why were they being so cagey about Mulroony? Didn't Sol know her well enough to realize concealing information would only make her want to know more? One thing was sure--after his performance in the meeting she could pretty much ume Sol would back Louden ahead of her in any future contest. Maybe it was time she turned to someone else for help. There were two people she knew she could still count on. Hopefully they'd be able to give her the information she needed. She hurried to the elevator, her ribs still screaming. When the metal doors slid shut she exhaled very slowly and shoved her balled fists into the pockets of her pants. She felt the folded piece of paper Alex Shelbourne had given her and quickly retrieved it. The message was short and to the point: buy youtube views There's something you should know about youtube Lauren 27 Stabbing a finger on the 'B' on inside the elevator, Ingrid willed the metal doors to close. But by the time she reached the parking lot in the bat, there was no sign of the Shelbournes' car. She considered racing to the exit at street level, but the car was probably long gone. She had no means of contacting Alex Shelbourne short of turning up at the hotel. Not something she could easily explain to Lisa and Anthony Shelbourne, given they'd just been told her investigation was pretty much complete. buy youtube views She returned to her desk to pick up her purse, then headed for the main gate. She knew what she had to do next to discover whether there was any truth to Madison Faber's allegations. But right now, after being so comprehensively snubbed by Sol Franklin, she felt an urgent need to touch base with the two contacts who might be able to help her find out what the had been going on with Mulroony before he left the emby. She hurried toward Oxford Street, the main shopping street in central London, just a quarter mile north of the emby. It didn't take her long to find a store selling throwaway burner cell phones. She withdrew some cash at a nearby ATM google and purchased two new cells. Five minutes later she was punching in the number of a man she had hoped never buy youtube views to speak to again. Five minutes after that she had arranged to meet him. Using the other fresh burner cell she called her second contact and put in a request for any information he could give her about Mulroony. After noisily sucking his teeth and practically making